Jeff Gogue on attracting large tattoo clients - TattooNOWTV Clip

TattooNOW tVhttp://www.TattooNOWTV.com - Jeff Gogue, internationally known for his famed original tattooing style and amazingly popular tattooing seminars, talks about how to attract large scale tattoo clients including backpieces and sleeve tattoos. Jeff chats about how the Shige and New Skool Collective backpiece books and his own experience getting a backpiece have help open clients vision. He is also asked if he feel like his work plateaus, and about learning to tattoo better. Whether you are a tattoo collector or just someone vaguely interested, this is great advice from one of the worlds top tattoo artists. Avoid tattoo mistakes that are easy to make but difficult to fix! 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aTqv68wlZA&feature=youtu.be to watch this 2 hour episode in its entirety which also featured famed tattoo artists Jeff Gogue and Nikko Hurtado who answered a number of fantastic questions via Skype and Canman who was in house and talked about his style and what he learned from Guy Aitchison's painting critiques.

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Originally streamed from http://www.OfftheMapTattoo.com in Easthampton Massachusetts